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Snowmobile Cabs TM
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Snowmobile Cabs-1


This is a new prototype side by side seater, that we are building.


Snowmobile Cabs-2 Snowmobile Cabs-3


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TRAILREADY  48 in. wide , heater defrost, radio-CD player

A comfortable alternative to winter’s harsh conditions. Ride in the comfort zone of your very own personalized snow machine.



Kitty Kat Cab

Great warmth for the little ones.
Enjoy year-round protection and durability for many years while exploring the freedom now yours with Comfort Cap. We use only the finest materials available: Polyester Nylon, Durable Cold Crack Windows, Heavy-gauge Steel Frame.
While riding, resting or fishing, you can enjoy your Snowmobile and the beautiful outdoors in comfort and warmth.